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Interchangeable fins such as FCS, Eurofins and Futures are most often the fins of choice that will be provided with a majority of surfboards on the market. Each company will produce plugs that specificly fit their own brand fins so you will need to bear this in mind if and when purchasing additional fin models. 

These fins are easily removable which can be convenient for travelling with multiple boards. They also allow you to change sizes and styles to complement different boards and surf conditions.

Depending on what model / combination and style you covet they can be quite expensive in the inital outlay and can be costly to replace if you loose or damage a non standard style unit. On the upside, they are very durable and if you do take a knock but manage to salvage the fin, the plugs are easily replaceable and standard models are be relatively inexpensive to repair.


We largely use FCS plugs and fins for all our boards, which are well regarded as the industry standard by most manufacturers and surfers alike. They are made from a range of excellent quality materials and have a wide enough template and composite selection to choose from to satisfy every performance requirement. Because of their popularity, they are readily available in almost every retail surf outlet around the world. Handy of you loose one on your travels!

Further information on models, materials and specifications are available at        Surf FCS 

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Traditional glassed on fins are an excellent alternative if you don't need to change between fin styles.They are sturdy and durable and can be made in a variety of colours and core materials such as honeycomb, carbon fibre or woodgrain. They are easily replaceable and relatively inexpensive to replace or repair depending on any other damage sustained if you happen to be unfortunate enough to knock out your fin plugs and loose one on the rocks.

Many surfers prefer the way they they handle in certain wave conditions and on specific boards over interchangable versions having used both systems. At the end of the day it really just comes down to your own personal preference.


We currently supply M5 FCS with all our LEVEN surfboards. These fins are made from a combination of new Glass Flex materials and the latest foil technology. The template offers allows for greater water flow off the front edge and onto the blade of the fin, minimising drag maximising performance in a wide range of surf conditions.

The new composite creates a stiffer, more responsive fin that is flexible enough to return to it's original shape faster, creating a more lively feel to the fin.

Covers, Grips and Leashes

Creatures Of LeisureGrips  

We currently promote the latest range of Creatures of Leisure and FCS surf accessories. These items are industry proven and have an excellent reputation for quality and durabilty. Both companies have a great range of accessories to meet pretty much all of your surfing requirements.

View their latest catalogues at     Creatures Of Leisure      FCS      



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