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Enquiries, Ordering, Delivery and T&C's

We will be happy to help you with any enquiries that you may have. No two boards are alike and each board, like each person is individual. How and where you surf will largely determine what you want from a board and we will be happy to help you decide how to customise and style your board, for your needs.

When you are ready to place an order, you can can do so in one of three ways;

You can phone us,

01326 565301 (often up to our armpits in resin so please leave a message)

You can email us via our contact us page,

Or if you're in the area, you can call to arrange a time to come in and talk to us in person

(recommended, but not essential).

Production Time


New boards usually take around 2 - 3 weeks to complete, depending on what your having done and how many boards we have on the go at any one time.

As all our boards are custom made to order and have not been churned out and put intoa shipping container for 2 months, we recommend that you allow another one or two weeks 'curing' time at home to allow your new board to harden off before taking it for it's first surf. This doesn't mean that your new board will be any less sturdy or resiliant than a shop bought board, it is just a chemical fact. Your board, like all boards will continually harden off over time and as yours will be brand spanking new, it just needs a little time initially to harden off. Remember that old yellow board you have stashed in the back of the garage................hard as nails!

Supply & Demand

As far as ordering goes, we always say the sooner you place your orderthe better. Once you have made a decision about what your going to go for, place your order a.s.a.p as we work on a first come, first served basis and our work schedule can literally change in an afternoon. Although we will always try to meet any realistic time frame, it is important to factor this in if you are planning a trip anywhere nice. Don't leave it until the last minute or you may be disappointed and that's the last thing that we want. After all, we want you on one of our LEVEN surfboards and not something you had to pick up, last minute from a shop.


Once your order has been placed, we will require a deposit of £50 (per board), payable by cash or cleared cheque from all customers to secure any order/sprior to commencing any work.

Collection & Delivery

When your newboard is finished, we will let you know and you can pick it up from us in Porthleven if you are lucky enough to live nearby or are happy to travel down to Cornwall and make a bit surfing weekend of it.

We will also happily arrange next day courier delivery (Mon - Fri) to all UK mainland destinations for £35.00* (Most Shortboards) or £45.00* (Mini Mals & Longboards) if you are unable to collect your board in person.
                                                                                    *subject to change at couriers discretion.

General Terms & Conditions
New Board Orders - 
I addition to the above T&C, on receipt of deposit and agreement of the final specifications, your order will be completed as detailed.

It may be possible to make alterations, if required where work has not yet commenced.  Any fluctuation in price will be discussed and will be reflected in the final cost payable.

Repairs - 
We can pretty much repair most damage. 

We will be able to give you a timescale and job price or guide (depending on possible unforeseeable labour) prior to commencing. You will be advised at the time of inspection as to any future damage  that may occur or reoccur on or around the repaired area/s and we will then undertake the work at the owners descretion.

The only thing that we ask is that when you are notified that your repair is ready, you please make arrangements for collection as prompty as possible. Our workshop space is valuable and should not be mistaken as storage space for your spare boards.

Unless otherwise agreed, we would generally expect repaired boards to be collected within two weeks. 

Payment can be made by cash/cheque. Please do not be suprised to discover that you will not be given your board on the sweet promise of coming back with the cash after you have been in for your surf, etc, etc. You will only leave disappointed. The same can be expected for turning up short. Honestly, why bother??  Please respect that the work has been done and it's only right to expect to be paid for it.

After 4 weeks, we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £5 per month, up to 6 months on top of the cost of the initial repair.

Boards left longer than 6 months, may be sold to recoup the cost of the initial repair/s. Any other monies achieved will be donated to the RNLI Lifeboat.


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